• Jaime Marshall

    I set up my agency, J.P. Marshall, in November 2016 after spending two decades in a variety of publishing and senior management roles on both sides of the Atlantic. At W. W. Norton, and later at Pearson and Palgrave Macmillan, I worked with leading scholars and writers to develop books of lasting impact in economics, business, and psychology. As an Associate Agent of A.M.Heath, I am looking for original thinking and lucid writing in a broad range of nonfiction spanning the above areas and including the amorphous category often called smart thinking.
    If you would like me to consider your work, please write to me at the address below with a) a synopsis of the book you’re writing–the subject, market, defining features that make it interesting, sources used, proposed word count, delivery date b) your qualifications to write the book along with any relevant links, and c) a list of competing or comparable titles along with some guidance on what sets your book apart from them. Aim for approximately five pages. Please also include a sample chapter if one exists, or a link to other writing of yours in a similar vein. (If you have already filled out a proposal form that you have received elsewhere or pulled down off the internet, I am willing to review it as long as it covers at least the above points.) I will aim to reply within one week.



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