• Victoria  Hobbs

    Victoria Hobbs

    Assistant : Jessica Sinyor

    I am omnivorous when it comes to reading and my list reflects this, encompassing a wide range of genres and styles. I am proud to represent an invigorating mix of novelists, non-fiction writers, and journalists, ranging from Kamila Shamsie and Maggie O’Farrell to Conn Iggulden and Tim Shipman (and some, like Julia Blackburn or Sandra Newman, who defy categorisation). I also have a burgeoning list of food writers, something I would like to continue to grow.

    There are writers I have represented for over twenty years now, many of whom are prize-winning, bestselling, and beloved by their readers. Working alongside a writer from their first publication, and assisting in growing and sustaining a career, is a particular privilege of the job.

    I am open to submissions and always hoping to hear from new writers. In terms of who they might be, my interests are broad.

    I will always be excited by a new literary voice, and love to find myself pinned to the page by something stylistically dazzling, or compelling in its deceptive simplicity. I am an avid reader of crime series and thrillers but don’t represent much in that area, so I would be delighted to see a well characterised, beautifully constructed and genuinely thrilling thriller come my way. My Mastermind specialist subject would probably be post-apocalyptic fiction, so I am keen to see something new in that area.   My head will always be turned by narrative non-fiction that reads like the very best fiction.  Similarly, anyone who is striving to make sense of the world around us – whether that be through the lens of food, politics, nature, the body – will be very welcome in my inbox.

    In both fiction and non-fiction, I am hoping to encounter something I haven’t read before, whether it be the setting, the plot, the voice, or the community it has emerged from. Something new needs to be there in some form for that distinctive prickle of excitement to occur. I approach every book with the same sense of willing the author on, and wanting this to be something special.

    Along with active authors, I also represent literary estates, including those of Shirley Jackson and Mary McCarthy.

    In 2018-9 I am judging the Caledonia Novel Award. You can read my Q&A where I talk in more detail about what I hope to see in submissions here.