• Zoë  King

    Zoë King

    I specialise in non-fiction and am always on the lookout for writers who can help us to see more, think better and live richer lives. From wellbeing, politics and food to memoir, comedy and humour, I like writing and ideas that make a deep and immediate connection with people and in some way illuminate the times we live in in fresh and unexpected ways.

    I believe in working closely with all my clients to make sure I get them the right deals that will give their creative ambitions the biggest opportunity for success over the long term.

    From bestsellers like Deborah Frances White’s exploration of what feminism means in the 21st century (THE GUILTY FEMINIST) to ground-breakers like Sara McCorquodale whose first book demystifies the influencer industry  https://www.thebookseller.com/news/bloomsbury-scoops-mccorquodale-s-influence-964826 and Kate and Ella Robertson (founders of One Young World) and authors of the category leading book about activism HOW TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE)https://oneyoungworld.com/news-item/how-to-make-a-difference-announced   and the creators of The Midult. I am drawn to the zeitgeist and the evergreen in any subject.

    If you’ve got an idea for non-fiction of any kind, I’d love to hear from you.

    Before joining A.M. Heath Zoe spent fifteen years as a literary agent at Darley Anderson and The Blair Partnership. She regularly judges for the Arts Council and Hospital 100 Awards and is a member of the Book Society.