• Alpa  Shah

    Alpa Shah

    Agent : Victoria Hobbs

    Alpa Shah was raised in Nairobi, studied at Cambridge and completed her PhD at the LSE where she now teaches anthropology. In 2010, she made a 30-minute documentary on ‘India’s Red Belt’ for BBC Radio 4’s ‘Crossing Continents’ and has since featured on other programmes: ‘From Our Own Correspondent’, ‘Thinking Allowed’, ‘Four Thought’, ‘Incarnations’, ‘From Savage to Self’ and ‘The World Service Weekend’.

    Alpa is the author of In the Shadows of the State: Indigenous Politics, Environmentalism and Insurgency in Jharkhand, India and the lead author of Ground Down by Growth: Tribe, Caste, Class and Inequality in 21st Century India. Her latest book Nightmarch, published in 2018, was longlisted for the Orwell Prize 2019.