Jacket for 'Alt.human'


UK - Rebellion


By Keith Brooke

Published Mar 2013

The signs are here, all around us. They always have been. And now, one by one, they’re destroying our cities.

Dodge Mercer deals in identities, which is fine until the day he deals the wrong identity and clan war breaks out. Hope Burren has no identity, and no past, struggling with a relentless choir of voices filling her head.

In a world where nothing is as it seems, where humans are segregated and aliens can sing realities and tear worlds apart, Dodge and Hope lead a ragged band of survivors in a search for the rumoured sanctuary of Harmony, and what may be the only hope for humankind.

Alt.human is a startlingly new take on the theme of an Earth under alien occupation, and Brooke’s vivid, high-definition prose makes us see it all with magnificent clarity.

Alastair Reynolds

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