Jacket for 'Fair Game'


UK - Heinemann
US - Avon
Spain - Lumen
Holland - Prometheus
France - Editions Plon
Germany - DTV

Fair Game

Published Jan 2010

Up to her eyes with her friends’ dramas, Harriet Grey has no time for her own. Let alone getting entangled with John Mackenzie. He might be the most gorgeous man she’s met for ages. But he’s entangled with someone else. Nina. Glamorous Nina wasn’t exactly Harriet’s best friend at school, but Harriet has principles. Still, surely one innocent little drink to repay a favour wouldn’t hurt? Her friends aren’t so sure.

Harriet tries to be strict, but John Mackenzie won’t stay out of her life. When she finds herself alone at Christmas, she’d have to be a saint to walk away…