Jacket for 'Gypsy Girl'


UK - Walker Books

Gypsy Girl

By Kathryn James

Published Apr 2015

The first in a kick-ass series for fans of YA grit and glamour รข la Gallagher Girls.

Sammy Jo Smith has inherited the kick-ass strength and fight skills of her gypsy ancestors. By day she plans her older sister’s extravagant wedding. By night she’s ‘Gypsy Girl’, competing in dangerous unregulated fights against older boys.

Well, she’s got to pay for the wedding somehow.

She lives for intrigue and excitement. But when you’re Sammy Jo, exciting can soon become deadly. After beating up some local thugs to save rich boy Gregory, she finds herself a target to right wing extremists.

She may be strong, fast and tough even in heels, but this time she’s met her match. She’s a target, and the guys who are after her are nearly as dangerous as her forbidden love for Gregory.

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