Jacket for 'Love Story, With Murders'


UK - Orion
USA - Random House
France - Presses de la Cite
Germany - Blanvalet
Italy - Giunti
Turkey - Ithaki

Love Story, With Murders

By Harry Bingham

Published Oct 2013

Later October, Cardiff.

A house clearance firm reports a suspicious discovery.

DC Fiona Griffiths is called to the scene and finds, amidst the remains of an old widow’s freezer goods, a human leg. Surprisingly well preserved. And wearing a pink high-heeled shoe.

The search begins for the rest of the corpse, but this treasure hunt soon turns out to be darker and stranger than anything the police have encountered before, as the victim’s body-parts start popping up all over western Cardiff: in garden sheds, roof voids and car boots.

And then, even more bizarrely, parts of a second corpse start appearing. But this time the victim is male – and completely fresh.

The two murders must be connected – but how? Why so similar and yet so different? And if there’s a message, who is meant to read it?

Investigating the double crime draws Fiona into a web of obsession, money, deceit – and acute personal danger. Which is exactly where she likes to be: in the middle of a gruesome puzzle with a pitch-black secret at its heart.