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Natural Desire in Healthy Women

By Gary Dexter

Published Jun 2014

A comic novel about the life of Marie Stopes, author of Married Love and pioneer of birth control.

The proper course for those not desiring to bring children into the world is to practise complete and perfect continence in sex matters, or risk an eternity being smothered in burning ordure.’

Such opinions, regrettably, are all too common in 1925, and they are anathema to Amber Haldane, doughty campaigner for contraceptive rights. Amber wishes to free normal sex life from the shadows of repression and nasty-mindedness, and in the course of soliciting contributions for her campaigning periodical The Birth Control Monthly, she encounters the luminaries of the age: H.G. Wells, preoccupied by the appearance of mysterious green spheres in his apple trees; Havelock Ellis, architect of a sexological community in far-flung Japan; and Wilhelm Reich, a valued colleague whose theory of orgastic potency is fundamentally Misleading, Damaging and Wrong.

Gary Dexter’s uproarious new comedy of manners will be relished by all devotees of sexual history and politics as well as by those who would agree that ‘it is impractical for a working man to boil his penis before every act of coition.’

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