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Shadow Spell

By Caro King

Published Jan 2010

It’s only hours since Nin escaped from the immortal Mr Strood and his Terrible House, but already she’s back in trouble. Strood has taken her escape personally and is out for vengeance. And while he’s about it, he’s decided to put an end to the last remains of the Seven Sorcerers as well. Using his Distillation Machine, his pet tigers, countless barrels of blood and a wood full of crowsmorte, he creates an army of killer creatures and sends them out to tear The Drift apart until they find Nin and her friends. Nin’s only hope is to find Simeon Dark, the last sorcerer left alive, who might possibly be the one person who can stop Mr Strood’s quest for vengeance. But Simeon Dark is an expert at keeping secrets….

Shadow Spell is the sequel to Caro King’s first novel, Seven Sorcerers, which was shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Award.

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