Jacket for 'Star Struck'


UK - Bloomsbury
USA - Macmillan
Denmark - Gyldendal
France - La Martininere Jeunesse
Italy - Mondadori Ragazzi
Hungary - Mora

Star Struck

By Jenny McLachlan

Published Mar 2016

A spotlight shines down on the two of us and everyone drifts into the shadows…

Pearl is destined to be the star of this year’s school musical. Being the lead is all she wants – especially as it means kissing super-hot Jake Flower. Then a new girl walks into the audition…Hoshi can sing, she’s an amazing dancer and she’s seriously cute. Before Pearl knows it, she’s stolen her part, her friends and Jake’s attention!

But this girl doesn’t know who she’s messing with. Pearl’s used to battling every day and she’s not going down without a fight.

Sparks are going to fly!