Jacket for 'Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Bees of Stupidity'



Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Bees of Stupidity

By John Dougherty

Published Jul 2015

Sssh! Keep the noise down! Shut Uuuuuuuuuuuup!!!

Thanks… There are strange things happening on the island of Great Kerfuffle. Listen carefully…can you hear that humming noise? It’s getting louder…and louder…it’s coming this way! I think we’d better LEG IT!!

Oh, hang about, here come our busy bumbling heroes, Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face, to save us. They’re sure to know they might know what’s beehind all this strange beehaviour. Let’s hope they don’t buzz off beefore the end of the story!