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Stuff Matters. Genius, Risk and the Secret of Capitalism.

By Harry Bingham

Published Jan 2010

We all have strong feelings about he people who make money, and think we understand how it works. Harry Bingham certainly did. He used to be an economist and a banker. Then, in Autumn 2008, the world stood on the edge of calamity, and Harry realised that everything he thought he knew had been proved utterly wrong.

When the financial world shook, Harry Bingham lost faith in the fundamentals of capitalism that he had always believed in. So he decided to return to first principles and the bullring of entrepreneurs and inventors, financiers and traders, to find out what drives the people who have catapulted the human race from extreme poverty to our world of ever expanding riches. For the first time he saw that while the economy might be about many things, it is never only about money. In truth, the people who are best at making money often don’t care about it much at all.

Journeying from the paddy fields of South East Asia to the oil wells of Texas, Stuff Matters is a fresh and bold re-evaluation of the fundamentals that turn genius into hard currency. It will revolutionise the way you see the world, and explain just how to save it from the next trillion pound disaster