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USA - Blue Rider
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Taking Pity

By David Mark

Published Mar 2015

Book 4 In The Ds Aector Mcavoy Series

DS Aector McAvoy has lost his war against the powerful criminal enterprise tightening its grip on Hull. His house lies in rubble, he has been labelled a Jonah, and his wife and daughter are in protective custody. He does not want people’s pity. He wants his life back.

DCI Colin Ray has lost the one thing he could be proud of: his rank. Suspended due to his errors in an investigation, he grows consumed by his rage towards its elusive figurehead. He does not want people’s pity. He wants his revenge.

DS Trish Pharaoh is losing battles on every front – her marriage; her lifestyle; her unit. But above all, she is struggling to cope with the knowledge she has failed the one officer she holds in the highest esteem. She does not want people’s pity. She wants to put things right.

When McAvoy is assigned to due diligence groundwork on a 1960s murder case, the fifty-year-old trail brings him, Pharaoh and Ray face to face with a nemesis that takes no chances, no prisoners and no pity.