Jacket for 'Talking to the Dead'


UK - Orion
USA - Random House
Netherlands - De Fontein
France - Presses de la Cite
Germany - Blanvalet
Italy - Giunti
Spain - Ediciones B
Greece - Psichogios
Turkey - Ithaki

Talking to the Dead

By Harry Bingham

Published Jun 2012

Fiona Griffiths is not your average detective constable. Smart, brave and dedicated to the job, she’s also struggling to put her demons behind her. When she catches her first murder case, it could be the making of her.

Or it could just push her over the edge. For Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths, her first murder really is a case of jumping in at the deep end – a woman and her six-year-old daughter killed with chilling brutality in a dingy flat where it seemed they’d been trying to hide themselves away from prying eyes. The crime-scene photos are certainly the kind that stir up strong emotions in even the most hard-bitten of coppers, but strangely Fiona can not only look at them without crying; the more she studies them, the more she thinks there is a message in the photographs that only she can read. Listening to what the dead woman and her daughter are trying to tell her, and tracing the twisted path that lead them to their deaths, quickly becomes an obsession for the young policewoman. But searching for the truth wherever it leads will mean taking a journey to the last place she wants to go.

Her own past.