Jacket for 'The Dead House'


UK - Orion

The Dead House

By Harry Bingham

Published Jul 2016

When DC Fiona Griffiths discover the body of a young woman in the ‘dead house’ of a tiny church deep in the Welsh valleys, she’s grateful for the opportunity to spend some quality time in such intriguing company.

For Fiona, the girl represents an irresistible puzzle as well as a delightful new post-mortem acquaintance. And when the mystery of how she died and who left her in the church leads Fiona to a secretive monastery, she beings to suspect that the dead girl is the victim of a sinister melding of modern crime and bizarre medieval practices.

Only Fiona, with her curious empathy with the dead, is capable of putting the mismatched pieces together in this disturbing jigsaw, but immersing herself in the dark and obsessive world she discovers could lead to her sharing the dead girl’s fate.