Jacket for 'The Deepest Grave'


UK - Orion
Germany - Rowohlt

The Deepest Grave

By Harry Bingham

Published Jun 2017


A crime from the past.

A murder from the future.

DS Fiona Griffiths is bored but then comes news of a chilling crime.  Not just a murder, but a decapitation, and a murder scene laid out like a gruesome crossword clue.

The victim was an archaeologist excavating a nearby iron-age site.  Genial, respected, well-liked – why would anyone want to kill her?  As Fiona investigates, she finds a crime so bizarre that getting her superiors to take it seriously is going to be a hell of a job.

Can Fiona stop the crime before it’s committed?  Or will she put her own future at stake?


Praise for the Fiona Griffiths series:


Chilling and atmospheric.  A masterpiece.

Mark Edwards


Truly unforgettable.

Mick Herron



James Oswald