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The Match

By Romesh Gunesekera

Published Jan 2010

As a teenager from Sri Lanka, Sunny liked to play cricket but none of his new friends in Manila were remotely interested. That is until the gorgeous Tina arrived, with her impeccable timing. The year was 1971, a year for an extraordinary match.

Three decades on, Sunny is now settled in London with a teenage son of his won. But despite the quiet comfort of his life, he feels unmoored. Trying to reconnect with his past, he goes to watch the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team play at the Oval. As the sun goes down at the end of the match he discovers that love, like cricket is more than just a game. He sees one last chance to get his life into focus, if only there is time.

From the acclaimed author of Reef and Heaven’s Edge, The Match is a heart-warming, funny family story of finding home and coming home, of cricket, growing up and falling in love.