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UK - Harper Perennial

The Suicide Factory

By Sean O’Neill

Published Jan 2010

This chilling investigation by two senior journalists on The Times, reveals the full, inside story of convicted hate-monger Abu Hamza and the infamous Finsbury Park mosque, and shows how the British authorities allowed it to become a terrorist training camp which turned out a generation of militants willing to die – and kill – for their cause.
With exclusive access to inside sources, including the diary of a British recruit (formerly captive in Guantanamo Bay), and using security records and recollections of the imam’s followers and associates, the authors expose the truth behind the façade of the larger-than-life man who lied repeatedly about his background.
Recently convicted of inciting murder and racial hatred, Abu Hamza not only indoctrinated vulnerable young Muslims into a firebrand version of Islam but also supported Taliban leaders, had direct contact with al-Qaeda and recommended recruits for terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. His prosthetic hook hand, damaged eye and rabid pronouncements made him the very image of a bogeyman, easily caricatured and ultimately dismissed by intelligence analysts who judged him offensive, but essentially foolish. The Suicide Factory shows, devastatingly, how wrong they were.