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UK - Little, Brown
USA - Random House
Italy - Corbaccio

The Well of Loneliness

By Radclyffe Hall

Published Nov 2016

Stephen Gordon, named by a father desperate for a son, is no like other girls: she hunts, she fences, she reads books, wears trousers and longs to cut her hair. As she grows up amidst the stifling grandeur of Morton Hall, the locals begin to draw away from her, aware of some indefinable thing that sets her apart. Stephen experiences her first taste of real happiness when she meets Mary, but can their love survive in a world of prejudice?

A powerful novel of love between women, The Well of Loneliness brought about the most famous legal trial for obscenity in the history of British law. Banned on publication in 1928, it went on to become a classic bestseller.

A frank depiction of sexual passion between women…One of the first and most influential contributions to gay and lesbian literature.

New Statesman

The archetypal lesbian novel.


A landmark publication, a pivotal work…its courage still calls out.

Diana Souhami