Jacket for 'Under Ground'


UK - Macmillan
France - Editions Fleuve
Germany - Heyne
Israel - Dani
Italy - De Agostini
Korea - Sigongsa
Netherlands - Luitingh-Sijthoff
Spain - Urano
Turkey - Altin Kitaplar

France - Editions Fleuve
Germany - Heyne
Korea - Sigongsa
The Netherlands - Luitingh-Sijthoff
Spain - Ediciones Urano
Turkey - Altin Kitaplar

Under Ground

By S.L. Grey

Published Jul 2015

They’re trapped fifty feet down… and someone wants them six feet under.

The Sanctum is a luxurious, self-sustaining survival condominium situated underground in rural Maine. It’s a plush bolt-hole for the rich and paranoid – a place where they can wait out the apocalypse in style. When a devastating super-flu virus hits the States, several families race to reach it. All have their own motivations for entering The Sanctum. All are hiding secrets.

But when the doors lock and death occurs, they realize the greatest threat to their survival may not be above the ground – it may already be inside…

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