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Who, or Why, or Which, or What…?: A Global Gazetteer of the Instructive and Strange

By John Oldale

Published Dec 2012

WHO…was the only modern leader to return fire during an assassination attempt?

WHY…is kissing on trains banned in France?

WHICH…island used to be home to a crocodile that jumped on its prey from trees?

WHAT…was the first song to be sung in Outer Space?

With a reasonable claim to be the most useful book ever written, John Oldale’s Who, or Why, or Which, or What…? is a cornucopia of history, travel, politics, wildlife, language – indeed, a celebration of everything which makes this planet so fascinating.

With an entry for every country, from the impenetrably immense (China) to the most completely marginal (San Marino – although it has stiff competition), this beautifully illustrated book is jammed with the most peculiar, fascinating and surprising information.

Whether you are interested in man-eating catfishes, the use of wizards to influence archery contests or the location of the Land of Hum, this is the book for you.

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