• Jessica  Lee

    Jessica Lee

    I’m an Associate Agent here at A.M. Heath, assisting Victoria Hobbs and Euan Thorneycroft as well as actively building my own list of authors. This includes HÄN Archive co-curator and journalist Anastasiia FedorovaEwan Gass, and Danielle Giles. Alongside Euan Thorneycroft, I also co-agent Zad El Bacha, winner of the 2022 Peggy Chapman-Andrews First Novel Award.

    In fiction, I’m drawn to a combination of formal precision and big feeling, and enjoy things that trouble or unsettle binaries and structured ways of being. I like works about desire: even better if they come with a good dry voice, a surreal touch, and clarity of expression. In non-fiction the same applies. I admire work about art-making and craft, political writing that interrogates established modes or ideologies, and sharp-voiced memoir.

    Do send submissions direct to me at jessica.lee@amheath.com.