• Alexander  Ross

    Alexander Ross

    Agent : Oli Munson

    Born into an academic family, Alexander is a third culture kid . Raised in Bavaria, Iran, Pakistan and Scotland. He is fluent in four languages. Cambridge gave him a degree in rowing after three years to make him to go away. He was just about to start on his PhD at Oxford when Ismail Merchant offered him a job working on a film, which led to over fifteen years of working with and for the studios in Los Angeles. After discovering several Academy nominated screenwriters and producing a film for Warners, he sold his management company and launched two startups which he exited. Back to his true calling as a writer and academic, he did the Biography and Creative Non-Fiction MA at UEA as well as a PhD and is now a visiting academic at Oxford, working on the memoir/biography of his former teacher in Pakistan, the late Major Geoffrey Langlands MBE.

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