• Arthur Machen

    Agent : Bill Hamilton

    Arthur Machen was born in Gwent in 1863 and became a legend in his own lifetime before his death in 1947. The son of a clergyman, he left Wales for London and became a publisher’s clerk and translator. A deeply religious man, who loved the ancient places of his native Wales, Machen’s rich Celtic heritage left an indelible impression on him and his works.

    The folklore and paganism of the ancient world suffuses his stories as they did his life, while the evil that lurks within those stories is more primal and monstrous than anything Hollywood might devise. Works such as The Great God Pan, The Bowmen, the Inmost Light and The Hill of Dreams prove that Machen deserves to be remembered as a master of occult horror alongside those who came after him, such as M R James and H P Lovecraft.