• Arun  Das

    Arun Das

    Agent : Oli Munson

    Growing up as a latchkey kid in small town India, Arun Das somehow got it into his head that he was going to be a writer. As an adult it led him to a career in journalism and television. He has conducted interviews across a spectrum of subjects from why Himalayan glaciers are melting to whether beards are sexier than a clean shave. In a decade spent on the field, he’s camped overnight in a desert to shoot an off-road race, drowned in a tsunami of rescue puppies, jostled paparazzi on the red carpet and been on the campaign trail with the world’s biggest election loser.

    After a rare illness forced him to hit the pause button, he turned to writing fiction. His story ‘Words for Sounds’ was published after being shortlisted for The Guardian 4th Estate BAME short story prize. An early draft of his first novel won him a London Writers Award from Spread The Word.

    When he’s not writing, he holds down a full time job as ‘Best Dad in the World’. A title bestowed upon him by a coffee mug on his writing desk.