• Francis Pryor

    Agent : Bill Hamilton

    Francis Pryor has studied the archaeology of the Fens since 1971. His major excavations in the region took place near Peterborough at Fengate, Maxey and Etton. In 1982 his team’s survey of Fenland drainage dykes revealed the timbers of a waterlogged Bronze Age timber platform and causeway at Flag Fen, which was opened to the public in 1989.

    He was a member of Channel 4’s long-running series Time Team. He has written many popular books including Seahenge (2001), Britain BC (2003), Britain AD (2004), The Making of the British Landscape (2010), Home (2014), Stonehenge (2016) and The Fens (2019).  His most recent book is Scenes from Prehistoric Life (Head of Zeus, August, 2021).

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