• Jo  Bowlby

    Jo Bowlby

    Agent : Euan Thorneycroft

    Jo’s practice as a Shaman grew out of a life long interest in ancient spiritual disciplines and modern psychology. Over the last thirty years she has trained in various traditions, including: North and South American Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bön Shamanism, Zen, The Yoga Sutras, Sanskrit, Qi gong and holds a black belt in Shōtōkan Karate. She studied psychotherapy and counselling at Regents University in London and is certified in NLP and Hypnotherapy. Jo is a graduate of The Four Winds Society specialising in the traditional teachings and energy work which has been used by Native American and South American shamans for thousands of years.

    After graduating, she continued her training in Peru with the Q’ero elders (Inka Shaman) in the Andes and the medicine men in the Amazon rainforest.

    Jo has an international client base spanning London, New York, LA, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Turkey and Europe. She also runs bespoke healing journeys in Peru.