• Joe  French

    Joe French

    Agent : Euan Thorneycroft

    Joe is a Producer/Director, Climber, Musician, Barefoot runner, and member of Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team. Combining his love of climbing, mountains and storytelling, Joe taught himself to become a climbing cameraman and started making films on the cliffs of Ben Nevis and beyond. This kickstarted a successful career in TV and Joe was soon working as a self-shooting Producer/Director on high profile productions across the globe. From recreating Sir Ernest Shackleton’s epic journey of survival in Antarctica to the first attempted Wingsuit flight off the summit of Everest, he found his niche documenting life in the extreme for broadcasters including Channel 4, the BBC, and Discovery Channel.

    Joe has experienced a great deal of trauma and tragedy whilst filming in the mountains. He has been lucky to survive on several occasions, both on Ben Nevis and Mount Everest. His experience of Post-Traumatic Stress and the subsequent journeys of healing this inspired is the subject of his book Out of Mind, forthcoming from Sandstone Press in 2023.