• Kate  Hammer

    Kate Hammer

    Agent : Euan Thorneycroft


    Entrepreneurial to the core, Kate has worked exclusively in start-ups since 1998. She’s co-founder of IdeaKeg, a 3-D trends magazine, entering its 7th year. She designed storyFORMing as a tool for helping people clarify why what they do matters. Named Top 40 Innovation Blogger by the global Innovation Excellence community three years running, Kate writes about creativity, change and choice.


    A refugee from gun culture, Kate emigrated from the USA to the UK in 1993. Others dub people like her expats. She sees herself as a foreigner and an orphan. Also a mother, wife, ex-wife, neighbour and long-distance friend.

    Kate clings to the wild hope that practical imagination and creative problem solving will save our species. Acts of courage are more possible and less costly when people use their imaginations well, she reckons.


    Compelled to make a dent in the world, Kate picks the kind of woolly, massive (and frankly embarrassing) goals that make many people rather uncomfortable. This year she is stopping the dust from settling around Britain’s divisive EU referendum. She developed an experiment in civic conversation beginning in summer 2016, using public events, social media and private dialogue. Calling it #NoDust, Kate’s aim is that minds and borders stay (or start to) open.



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