• Lewis Baston

    Agent : Tom Killingbeck

    Lewis Baston is an author on history, travel and politics. His recent book Borderlines is a ‘refreshing and important’ (Rafael Behr, Guardian) journey across the frontiers between European countries, dealing with history, contemporary politics, folklore and the war in Ukraine. He has written on British politics and the electoral landscape for thirty years.

    His book writing career before now has been concerned with British history and politics. He was principal researcher to Anthony Seldon on his biography of John Major, and subsequently historical consultant to the television series accompanying Major’s memoirs. In 2000 he adapted a television series on Sleaze – a history of British political scandals – as a sole-authored book and from that he started work on the biography of Reginald Maudling. The Maudling book, Reggie, was published by Sutton in 2004 and broke new ground as a work of investigative history of a scandal-prone politician and a psychological autopsy of how a good man’s search for an easy life led to corruption and tragedy. It was one of the five books Daniel Finkelstein nominated as the best works on British conservatism: ‘a wonderful book of British history and it’s very well-written.’

    Lewis has written several chapters in other works on biographical subjects such as Roy Hattersley and Jim Callaghan, the latter in Iain Dale’s The Prime Ministers (winner of the Parliamentary Book Awards in 2020), and on other historical subjects. He was born in Southampton in the early 1970s and lives in London.