• Mario  Reading

    Mario Reading

    Agent : Oli Munson

    A multi-talented writer of both fiction and non-fiction, Mario’s life has included spells of selling rare books, teaching riding in Africa, studying dressage in Vienna, running a polo stable in Gloucestershire and maintaining a coffee plantation in Mexico. An expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus, Mario has had six non-fiction titles published by Watkins in the UK and around the world, as well as two books on the cinema published by Constable Robinson and House of Stratus.

    The Nostradamus Prophecies, his debut thriller based on the missing prophecies of Nostradamus, has been sold in 38 countries and was published in the UK by Atlantic Books in August 2009. Thomas Dunne Books published in the US in Autumn 2010.

    The Mayan Codex, his second book was published by Corvus in 2010 and the final instalment in the trilogy, The Third Antichrist was published by Corvus in December 2011.

    Mario is also the author of The Music-Makers, recently released on Kindle. Set in Cornwall, Paris during the May ’68 riots, and the South of France, The Music-Makers is an unconventional love story covering forty years in the lives of two people who are made for each other, but incapable of acknowledging the fact until events overtake them and force a confrontation.

    Mario Reading died in 2017.