• Megan  Clawson

    Megan Clawson

    Agent : Rebecca Ritchie

    Agent : Florence Rees

    Megan Clawson was born and raised in Boston, Lincolnshire, and grew up around a very big and loving extended family. Though she was never all that adventurous, she found solace in reading and writing stories. A beefeater’s daughter, her heart was ensnared by the city of London at a young age, and she moved there to study English with Film at King’s College in 2018. Trying to find her own way in life, she initially lived in student flats for the first two years – though she’d often visit her dad in the Tower of London to do her laundry – all whilst falling in love with her own Royal Guard. She still resides there, with her little dog Ethel.

    Megan has a TikTok documenting her life in the Tower and its history with over 290k followers, and she is also an English Tutor and a TV and film extra, alongside her writing.

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