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    Norman Lebrecht

    Agent : Bill Hamilton

    Norman Lebrecht is a historian, cultural commentator, broadcaster and award-winning novelist.

    His 12 books about music have been translated into 17 languages. Among the best-selling titles are The Maestro Myth, Who Killed Classical Music and Why Mahler?

    Norman Lebrecht’s first novel The Song of Names won a Whitbread (now Costa) Award in 2003. It was filmed in 2018-19 with Tim Roth and Clive Owen in the leading roles.

    His latest non-fiction work, Genius and Anxiety: How Jews Changed the World, 1847-1947, is published by Oneworld (UK) and Scribner in the US.

    Two collections of Lebrecht essays have been published in China, the first by any western cultural commentator. A Lebrecht column appears monthly in The Critic and occasionally in The Spectator.


    Slipped Disc, Norman Lebrecht’s blog, is the world’s #1 cultural news site, drawing 1.7 million readers every month.

    Norman Lebrecht has lectured at cultural institutions and leading universities worldwide. He is a guest professor at the Shanghai Conservatoire of Music.

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