• Nussaibah  Younis

    Nussaibah Younis

    Agent : Florence Rees

    Dr Nussaibah Younis is a peacebuilding practitioner and a globally recognised expert on contemporary Iraq. For several years, Dr Younis advised the Iraqi government on proposed programs to deradicalise women affiliated with ISIS. She has a PhD in International Affairs from the University of Durham, and a BA in Modern History and English from the University of Oxford. Dr Younis was a Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC, where she directed the Task Force on the Future of Iraq and offered strategic advice to US government agencies on Iraq policy. She lived in Washington D.C. and in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center. Dr Younis has published Op-Eds in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and The New York Times and provided on-air commentary for the BBC and Al-Jazeera. She was born in the UK to an Iraqi father and a Pakistani mother, and has worked in Washington D.C., Dubai, Cairo, Beirut and Baghdad. She currently lives in London. Her debut novel, Fundamentally, is out with Weidenfeld & Nicholson in 2025.