• Patrick Easter

    Patrick Easter

    Agent : Oli Munson

    Patrick is a former London Police Officer, who served in the Met from 1963 to 1994. He was posted to the River Police in 1967, before leaving on promotion to Sergeant. He left in 1994 as a Chief Inspector to take up journalism. He is now a full-time journalist and writer. The Watermen is his first novel and was published by Quercus in Spring 2011. His second book, River of Fire was published in March 2012.

    Patrick Easter is now busy working on the third book in the series, following the fortunes of River Surveyor Tom Pascoe of the Thames Marine Police and his Jewish crewman, Sam Hart. The Rising Tide is a story of three men at war with each other, and is set against the background of the slave trade and the attempts to obstruct its abolition by powerful interests, with a great deal to lose. It is due to be published in September 2013.