• Patrick  Hamilton

    Patrick Hamilton

    Agent : Bill Hamilton

    Patrick Hamilton was one of the most gifted and admired writers of his generation. Born in Hassocks, Sussex, in 1904, he and his parents moved a short while later to Hove, where he spent his early years. He published his first novel, Monday Morning, in 1925 and within a few years had established a wide readership for himself. Despite personal setbacks and an increasing problem with drink, he was able to write some of his best works. JB Priestley described Patrick Hamilton as ‘uniquely individual. He is the novelist of innocence, appallingly vulnerable, and of malevolence, coming out of some mysterious darkness of evil.’ Patrick Hamilton died in 1962. Abacus is reissuing all of Patrick Hamilton’s novels to bring them to a new audience.

    Other works by Patrick Hamilton include:
    Monday Morning
    Craven House
    The Midnight Bell
    The Siege of Pleasure
    The Plains of Cement
    The Slaves of Solitude
    The West Pier
    Mr Stimpson and Mr Gorse
    Unknown Assailant

    Gas Light
    The Duke in Darkness