• Rose  Stokes

    Rose Stokes

    Agent : Florence Rees

    Rose is a writer based in London who spends a lot of her time writing about sex, gender and relationships. She is a passionate advocate for equality in all areas, and her work has appeared in titles such as The Guardian, The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Refinery29, Vice, The Times, The Telegraph and Women’s Health. She also has a regular column at The Metro, where she often writes about feminism, mental health, body diversity and relationships. She came to journalism later in life, after a career covering international politics, economics, business, human rights, sustainability and the environment in various positions at The Economist Group. She still regularly covers these subjects for publications like The Economist, Politico and The FT. She has lived, worked and studied in France, Spain and Paraguay, and is fluent in both Spanish and French. She is currently working on her first book about BDSM and what it can teach us about healthy power dynamics in relationships.