• Shahed  Ezaydi

    Shahed Ezaydi

    Agent : Florence Rees

    Shahed grew up in Sheffield and loves her Northern roots so much that she still currently resides there. She’s a writer and journalist focusing on political and social issues, especially issues that are marginalised and under-reported. One of these issues being that of Islamophobia. As a Muslim woman, this is an issue very close to her heart and something she’s committed to amplifying and sharing with the world. Especially when it comes to gendered Islamophobia, which is rarely talked about in mainstream media, but is a very real experience for many Muslim women, including herself.

    Shahed has written for a range of publications such as: HuffPost, Vice, Tribune, Stylist, and gal-dem. She’s also the Deputy Editor of Aurelia Magazine, an independent publication that platforms the thoughts and feelings of marginalised genders.