• Simon May

    Simon May

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    Simon May is Visiting Professor of Philosophy at King’s College, University of London. His books include "Love: A History" (Yale University Press, 2011), a collection of his own aphorisms entitled "Thinking Aloud" (Alma Books, 2009), which was a Financial Times ‘Book of the Year’ in 2009, "Atomic Sushi: Notes from the Heart of Japan" (Alma Books, 2006), "Nietzsche’s Ethics and his War on ‘Morality’" (Oxford University Press, 2002), and other works of philosophy. A selection of his aphorisms appears in "Geary’s Guide to the World’s Great Aphorists" (Bloomsbury, 2007) – an anthology of aphorisms since ancient times. His work has been translated into Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Dutch.

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