• Steve  Cavanagh

    Steve Cavanagh

    Agent : Euan Thorneycroft

    Steve was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. At 18 he moved to Dublin and studied Law, by mistake, and went on to be a pot-washer, bouncer, security guard and call centre operative before landing a job as an investigator for a large law firm in Belfast, where he eventually qualified as a solicitor. He then moved to a smaller firm where he could practice in the field of civil rights law. Steve has been involved in several high profile cases; in 2010 he represented a factory worker who suffered racial abuse in the workplace and won the largest award of damages for race discrimination in Northern Ireland legal history. He holds a certificate in Advanced Advocacy and often lectures on various legal subjects (but really he just likes to tell jokes).

    Steve Cavanagh is the author of the Eddie Flynn books, a series of US-based courtroom thrillers which follow a con-man turned top lawyer.

    Steve Cavanagh is the pen name of Stephen Mearns.