• Zoe  Strimpel

    Zoe Strimpel

    Agent : Bill Hamilton

    Dr Zoe Strimpel is a historian of gender and relationships in modern Britain, a columnist for the Sunday Telegraph and an avid pundit for radio and TV on matters relating to gender, dating, sex and feminism. She has appeared on HBO and CBS, and is a regular guest on BBC Radios 3 and 4 and BBC News TV. She is currently writing an academic book for Bloomsbury Academic (2020) based on her PhD research into dating, singleness and gender in 1970s-1990s Britain, entitled Seeking Love in Modern Britain: Dating, Gender and the Rise of the Single.¬†Once a dating columnist herself, she is also the author of two popular trade books about men, women and dating, called What the Hell Is He Thinking? All The Questions You Ever Asked About Men Answered (Penguin 2010) and The Man Diet: One Woman’s Quest to End Bad Romance (Harper Collins, 2012).