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A Book for Life: 10 Steps to Spiritual Wisdom, a Clear Mind and Lasting Happiness

By Jo Bowlby

Published Jun 2021

A Book for Life draws from a wide range of ancient and modern traditions to reveal the ten essential things we need to know to live a life full of happiness, meaning and purpose. It includes an empowering process packed full of Aha moments and quick to do practices to help you flourish and as importantly, recover your balance when life throws you a curve ball.

In today’s world we love an expert however, but no one and nothing today can come close to the insights and wisdom found in the old spiritual traditions. When it comes to our wellbeing, making sense of our fear, feelings and befriending our own minds, they hold all the secrets we need. And you don’t have to become a monk or devotee to benefit.

A Book for Life cuts through 30,000 years of teachings and practices to give you the ten fundamental things that have a direct effect on your wellbeing and hopes for a happy life.

These 10 points make up the basis of the process to develop spiritual intelligence. The book is aimed at the general market, both spiritual and non-spiritual. It is in tune with the zeitgeist, as a lot of people are now re-assessing their lives because of the Covid pandemic. ‘What am I doing with my life?’ and “what does a successful life really mean to me” are at the forefront of their minds. This book is perfectly placed as we move into the age of Wellbeing, to become the go to book for anyone looking for purpose, meaning and above all find deep-rooted happiness.