Jacket for 'A Long Time Dead'


UK - Review/ Hodder Headline

A Long Time Dead

By Joe Pemberton

Published Jan 2010

The last thing James is expecting on the day he joins Samson Brothers is a funeral procession – thirty cars behind a black limo adorned with a guitar-shaped wreath – but then nothing could have prepared him for his colleagues, either. There’s Reg Prentice, his boss, cringe-makingly indiscreet about his own private life and everyone else’s; Margery, still single at twenty-three and anxious she’s past her sell-by date; Henry, chief of technical support and dab hand with the mascara; and Trish Yates, the mouth almighty, Friday night queen of Quavers Discotheque. Lurking in the wings are the sinister figures of Mutt and Jeff, management consultants bent on silencing all their unproductive rabbitting for good.

At the heart of it all is the story of Clive – to whom the company are paying their last respects – whose everyday tragedy has a very real message about the little guy’s struggle to be heard in an increasingly corporate world.

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