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A Mother’s Heartbreak

By Jennie Felton

Published Sep 2022

After a tragic loss, can she ever find happiness?

When her father dies, Abigail Newman is forced to leave her mother and the vicarage she was raised in and take up the position of governess to the son of Sir Hugh Hastings. Arriving at the grand estate of Bramley Court, Abi, who is concealing a heartbreaking secret, finds a family haunted by a tragic loss.

But Bramley Court is also filled with secrets. Why is Sir Hugh’s wife, Lady Imogen, so sure she can still hear the cries of the little boy she lost eighteen months ago? And what is the history between the mysterious, glamorous visitor, Constance Bingham, and complex, charismatic Sir Hugh?

As Abi weaves herself into the fabric of the house and family, she longs to help the people she’s come to care for so deeply. Will they find peace and Abi heal her own broken heart?