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A Perfect Proposal

By Katie Fforde

Published Sep 2013

Sophie Apperly’s frustratingly dismissive family has never taken her seriously – but they seem to have no problem taking advantage of her. So when an old friend offers her the chance of a lifetime, she decides to swap little England for the Big Apple, and heads off to the land of opportunity.

From the moment Sophie arrives in Manhattan, she’s determined to enjoy every minute of her big adventure. And when fate throws her together with Matilda, a spirited grand dame of New York society who invites her to Connecticut for Thanksgiving, she willingly accepts. English-born Matilda is delighted with her new friend – though her grandson Luke, undeniably attractive but infuriatingly arrogant, is anything but welcoming.

When Luke arrives in England a few weeks later, Sophie hardly expects him to seek her out. But Matilda has hatched some complicated plans of her own – and so Luke has a proposal to make, but it hardly seems perfect.

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