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A Pinch of Magic

By Michelle Harrison

Published Feb 2019

On the isle of Crowstone, set upon eerie marshes with a prison as its closest neighbour, the Widdershins sisters: Betty, Fliss and Charlie, set out to break a deadly curse which has haunted their family for generations.

But the curse isn’t the only unusual thing about the Widdershins. Each of them possesses a magical object that’s been passed down the family. A scruffy carpet bag, a set of wooden nesting dolls and a gilt-framed mirror…none of them is what they seem.

Will they be enough to break the curse? Or will the sisters have better luck with the mysterious prisoner who claims to be able to help them – for a price?

A spell-binding story, steeped in magic. I adored it.
Abi Elphinstone, author of Sky Song

This delightful tale fizzes with magic and races along at a fantastic pace. This book completely charmed my socks off!
Alex Bell, author of The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

Simply phenomenal! A breathtaking quest for survival and freedom, bursting with brave heroines, enchanted objects and deadly dangers. And at its heart is a powerful and beautiful message of sisterly love and loyalty overcoming jealousy and betrayal.
Sophie Anderson, author of The House With Chicken Legs

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