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A Stinging Delight: A Memoir

By David Storey

Published Jun 2021

A powerful memoir by an extraordinary literary figure: rugby player, artist, acclaimed playwright and Booker prize-winning novelist.
The third son of a coal miner, David Storey takes us from his tough upbringing in Wakefield to being ‘sold’ to Leeds Rugby League Club, to his escape to the Slade School of Art and his life in post-war London.
He describes shocking, often darkly comic scenes in the seventeen deprived East End schools in which he taught.
He documents the childhood death of his eldest brother, addressing much of the memoir to him and exploring how this loss relates to his own sometimes paralysing depression, which overshadowed most of his life.
And yet, a prolific and celebrated writer, he recalls heady spells in New York, close relationships in the theatre with Jocelyn Herbert, Ralph Richardson and Lindsay Anderson, early success with This Sporting Life and winning the Booker Prize for his novel Saville.
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