Jacket for 'A Whisper of Horses'


UK - Piccadilly Press
US - Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan
China - Beijing's Children Publishing House
Italy - Editrice Il Castoro
Taiwan - Youth Cultural Enterprise

A Whisper of Horses

By Zillah Bethell

Published Aug 2016

Serendipity loves horses. No-one in Lahn Dan has ever seen one alive, but there are statues of them around the city, forgotten paintings too, hidden away. And there’s the wooden toy horse Mama gave Serendipity when she was little.

Now Mama is gone, Serendipity needs to leave the city. She has a map leading her west, towards the coast where real horses run free. But first she must escape the city and the Minister’s Police Force by getting past the high Emm Twenty-five Wall. Can the scruffy smuggler boy Tab really help her? And what kind of life will they find on the other side?

An original, breathtaking, adventurous and moving journey of discovery across a familiar but reimagined Great Britain.