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Alan Stoob. Nazi Hunter

By Saul Wordsworth

Published Aug 2014

In 1994 Alan Stoob is clearing his desk in advance of early retirement. He is 57 years old and has enjoyed a moderately successful career with the Bedfordshire Constabulary. But when Simon Wiesenthal, the world’s leading Nazi-Hunter, invites him to Vienna and implores him to hunt Nazis in the Luton area, Alan cannot resist the challenge.

Fast forward to 2012 and Alan is down on his luck. Following a failed pursuit of a Nazi in Whipsnade Zoo he is taunted by Interpol and his position as Britain’s Premier Nazi Hunter is under threat. Though his marriage appears solid he remains haunted by his wife’s past infidelity. Meanwhile their 42 year old son has moved back home, still unable function properly after being jilted by his girlfriend back in 1987.

Subsequent to a tipoff from a mystery informant Alan is drawn into a Nazi plot that implicates the coalition government, the Prime Minister and stretches all the way up to the President of the United States. Alan is forced to go undercover – but will someone discover his true identity?

Follow Alan on Twitter @nazihunteralan or visit his website www.nazihunteralan.com

Alan Stoob is a creation of comic genius.

Jon Ronson

Alan Stoob is the Nazi-Hunter de nos jours. If you haven’t seen any Nazis on the streets of Dunstable latterly it is entirely down to his tireless efforts.

Charlie Higson

Alan Stoob is the funniest and most effective Bedfordshire-based Nazi Hunter I’ve come across.

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